I’m Michał Masłowski. I’m a software developer interested in software user’s freedom.


[FSF Associate Member]

I use and recommend Debian GNU/Linux, running the latest stable release on most of my computers (with Sid on my laptop).

As a fan of SQL and relational databases, I often use SQLite in my programs (or PostgreSQL if it’s big or serious enough). Contributing to GNU Recutils I’ve experienced that human-editable text databases can be more useful. During a GSOC project, I’ve also learned how to implement a btree index and gained API design experience that probably makes my newer programs easier to debug and test.

I use GNU Emacs for most of my text editing activities (including email), although I have never found a problem there motivating me to contribute.

Digital typography is one of my rarely practiced interests. I like the idea of Metafont and I have used it for some projects, although I haven’t designed any fonts worthy of publication.

This site is hosted on a Linode VPS. The server accepts most of its services via IPv6, I consider it an important technology for the idea of a free Internet with equal collaboration of peers. Thanks to Let’s Encrypt, it uses HTTPS in a mostly automated way that I can recommend to others.


I mostly write on Mastodon, while I also have a blog with some possibly useful articles (mostly related to software).


You may contact me via ActivityPub or .

I support the use of cryptography to protect privacy of individuals (but not to increase control over them by methods like Digital Restrictions Management). Therefore for all emails I use GnuPG with the public key available here.

The ‘ł’ in my name is a Polish letter pronounced as /w/ (like in English ‘word’). In TeX it is written as \l, in Texinfo as @l, in Unicode it is U+0142, in XML and HTML ł may be used.